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Holy Land Travel: Jerusalem a Top Destination

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Jerusalem Israel Tours

In Israel tourism news: It’s not a big wonder that Jerusalem just made it to Trip Advisor’s best travel destinations list. In the world!

Jerusalem got into lucky number 13, along with Paris, New York, Rome, London and Hong Kong.  “Few places inspire such passion as Jerusalem,” mentions Trip Advisor and hails the city’s “religious sights, jazz clubs, hip restaurants, arthouse cinemas and edgy theater.”

If your next Israel tour includes a visit in Jerusalem, here’s a quick list of musts:

Jerusalem Film Festival – This world renewed film festival opens on July 11, with a tribute to J.J. Abrahams’ new Super 8. The festival will then go on for ten days and feature visits from some of the best filmmakers in the world. As always, the movies shown all represent a unique cinematic approach, loaded with political and social issues.

Israel Museum of Art reopened last year after extensive remodeling. Always a pleasure to visit and stroll among the best Israeli and international art. If you happen to stop by 7.14.2011, check out the special celebration, marking one year since the grand reopening. “Points of Touch” is the name of the event that will allow visitors to interact with various Israeli artists, from writers to dancers, chefs to politicians and many many more.

Of course that Jerusalem has so much to offer, and if you’re interested in Israel tours or Holy Land travel, visit us today!

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