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“Our fabulous Israel tour!…”

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At ITC Tours we get plenty of mail from happy travelers who just got back from one of our numerous Israel tours. But the following letter was really unique and thoughtful so we wanted to share it with all of you, and also thank the lovely family who wrote it, hoping to see them again soon!

Dear Marlene, Vicki, and the entire ITC crew,

We just returned yesterday from our fabulous Israel tour! Thank you for a wonderful, fact and fun filled trip that will remain with us forever! Our family had never travelled with a tour group before, and we definitely had our hesitations. However, upon first meeting the other families, and being warmly greeted by Richard Eisenberg, our tour guide, we began to settle into our new- found ‘family.’

Richard has the gift of storytelling in such a way that he filled our minds with knowledge and our spirits with soul, telling us stories that we will not forget anytime soon! He was our fearless leader, who managed to get all children (and adults) where we needed to go, on time, and in such a pleasant manner. He managed to make everyone, regardless of age, feel like this trip was designed for him or her. On one of our last days, I casually asked my ten-year-old son if he would want his bar mitzvah in Israel. He answered that he was not sure because a lot of family and friends could not come but then added…..” but, I really like Richard.” A compliment from a child is the truest compliment of all.

This is our first Shabbat back home and we are all missing Israel tremendously. Yet, we have our wonderful pictures and memories that will remain with us, along with Richard’s smiling face as we entered the departures gate and his voice echoing in our ears, telling us an interesting historical fact and saying “…it all goes back to the movies.”

Thank you for putting together such a wonderful experience,

Regina, Shaun, Sara, Danielle, Benjamin, and Jonathan

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