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Rise in Israel Tourism during 2011

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Israel Tours

Israel tourism reaches new heights through the beginning of 2011 as Israel’s hotels show longer tourist stays in the 1st half of this year.

It’s always nice to hear that Israel tours are on the rise, a solid 1% rise that totaled 10.1 million stays, of both Israeli tourists and foreign tourists.  These numbers come in after last May, a great month that showed 4% rise in number tourists arriving to Israel, another all time high.

Israel tours also brought an increase of international visitors lately, and room occupancy sky rocketed, reaching 64% in Haifa for example. Let’s keep it up!

israel tours bike rent

israel tours bike rent

In other Israel Tour news, getting around town will be much easier as public bike rental services are now available in Tel-Aviv and neighboring cities. Citizens and tourists will be able to rent bicycles in Herzelia, especially around the crowded beach and restaurant/shopping area of Herzliya Pituach, where parking is almost impossible to get.

The new bike path will connect Herzliya and Tel-Aviv that already has more than 550 bikes servicing 2,000 rentals each and every day.

So during your next Israel tour, stay in your hotel for another night and push up the percentage, and leave the rental car aside for an earth friendlier bicycle. And if you’re looking for a perfect vacation, check out Israeltour.com – for the best Israel tours solutions possible.

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