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Israel tours can be all about long hikes, visiting religious sites, eating the best hummus ever (!) and all the while can also be about staying in luxurious hotel rooms. Yes, Israel has some of the best boutique hotels in the world, offering a unique and memorable experience that no Hilton can deliver.

So why not start the day with a list of the most lavish boutique hotels around Israel, brought to you by the specialists of ITC tours:

Gordon Hotel & Lounge

Israel Tours

Gordon Hotel

Guests of the Gordon are treated with a complimentary bottle of wine in this cozy hotel by the Tel Aviv beach. Its perfect. The classic, white elegant rooms take the guests back to olden days, while the modern amenities provide all the comfort you need. Rooms here fully automated and all of them have ocean views. The restaurant is just lovely.

Price: $250 – $450 a night based on double occupancy.

Hotel Montefiore

Israel Tours

Hotel Montefiore.

This hotel is situated in the heart of Tel-Aviv and offers an experience unlike any other. Think of staying in this hotel is like having a studio apartment in Tel-Aviv. Why? Because the walls are covered with books. 400 books in each room to be exact, in different languages.

Price: $350 – $400 double occupancy.

Neve Tzedek Hotel

Israel Tours Hotel

Neve Tzedek Hotel

No Israel tour is complete without a visit to one of the most magical neighborhoods in Israel, Neve Tzedek. Now imagine sleeping there.

Guests who choose the rooftop suite are pampered with a private spa that includes a hot-tub, a sauna and a home theater system.

Price: $550 – $1000 a night.

Book any of these hotels and you are promised to have a dream vacation. Or you can visit us at ITC Tours and let us take care of your Holy Land travel from A to Z.