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It’s always great to hear about Israel tour sites coming to life, the most recent one is the Northern city of Nazareth, were hotel construction skyrocketed during the last year.

With a little of help of some good friends, the Israeli Tourism Ministry and Christian Israel tour companies, seven hotels are built in Nazareth at the moment, adding around 1000 rooms – doubling the current amount.

And that’s not all, numerous businesses and tourism related industry are awaiting approval to open in the Old City area. Half million Shekels are put into the city and results are shown already.

For example, the picturesque Gardenia Hotel with its amazing kosher kitchen and lovely mountain vistas. The hotel is working on a new spa complex and a shiny gym in addition to the inviting pool that is already fully functional.

In addition to the big lavish hotels, Nazareth will also offer smaller boutique hotels. One of which is Villa Nazareth, a 20 room hotel built inside an old school. A chef restaurant will open on the premises and the atmosphere is guaranteed to be unique.

And after a long day of site seeing, what’s better than some shopping? That’s why they’re working on a new shopping mall to open in the city, with beautiful views of the famous Basilica of the Annunciation.

If you are interested in adding Nazareth to your Israel tour, visit www.israeltours.com and we’ll be happy to make your dream come true!

Israel is always a star in the evening headlines and this week at ITC blog we decided to share some of the good Israel tours news with you guys.

We have details about Jesus’ Baptism Site, news about David and Goliath archeological digging, and last but not least we’ll check if Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber will preform in the Dead Sea.

Israel Tours

Diggers uncover traces of destruction of city (Photo: AP)

Let’s start with some digging. Archeologists are working around the clock digging around the Ancient Southern city of Gath, ex-home of the Philistines, biblical Israel’s archenemy.

You’ve probably heard about the Philistine celebrity Goliath, the giant punk who got beaten by young David’s sling. Although no huge pieces of armor were found yet, archeologists managed to recover some 3,000 jugs (!) beautifully decorated with Greek motifs.

The diggers also found that Philistines kept a mostly vegetarian diet, eating pea lentils but sometimes enjoying munching on pigs and the occasional dog.

Christian Israel Tours

Christian Baptism Site (Photo: Ziv Reinstein)

In Israel Christian tourism news, many religious visitors would be happy to know that Israel just opened a site believed to be Jesus’ baptism location. It’s called Qasae al-Yahud and it’s located on the banks of the Jordan river where Jesus Christ met John the Baptist.

The site was closed for the last 40 years or so due to its location on the Israel-Jordan border. The Israeli military had to clear the site from landmines that endangered visitors, and now the site will be open for all, with no need for reservations or pre-coordination.

Lady Gaga Israel

And last but not least, how can you end without some Lady Gaga dose? Calcalist newspaper reported that Israel’s Ministry of Tourism politely asked pop sensations Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber to help out in pushing the good old Dead Sea in the Seven Wonders of the World contest.

So is there a chance that Bieber and Gaga perform in the lowest place in the world?

Nope. Bieber refused politely and Lady Gaga didn’t even send an email.

That’s all in this week’s Israel Tours news! Come back next week for more!